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If you are looking for a safe and secure cloud storage option for your Android Smartphone just check out MobileSync Pro. This Cloud Storage service back up your files and uploads them securely to the Cloud. User can also use MobileSync Pro to sync and share data across multiple platforms and computers.

With Cloud Storage and sync option your files are always up to date. It  is a cross platform application which run on major mobile platforms like Android, BlackBerry, iPhone and Windows.

Mobile Sync Pro stores all your files, so in case of any disaster, files are still available to you. With the “Sync What “ option you can select what files you want to sync and with which device.

MobileSync Pro is a Syncing Apps, with few noteworthy features.

Online Backup

Mobile Sync Pro keeps back up of all your important files, contacts, emails, messages, applications, settings and much more.

  • Backup all your data.
  • Maintenance of all historical versions.
    Mobile Sync Online Back up

Multiple Platform Sync

Mobile Sync Pro not only provides back up for your data, but also syncs it between major platforms.

Do you own multiple smartphones with different operating systems? If so, you understand how important it becomes to keep all of your data in sync across both your smart phones, whether it is your important business document, vacation photos or your preferred music. MobileSync pro allows you to easily and securely synchronize any number of folders across any number of smartphones through a web panel.

  • Sync data from multiple platforms securely.
  • Preserve complete privacy at the time of syncing.
  • Auto Sync Option for syncing automatically.

Protect Data

MobileSync Pro is also a thief recovery and data protection apps for your mobile phone.  With it you can locate your mobile phone if you have lost it or if it’s stolen.

  • Track the GPS location of your mobile phone.
  • Remotely activates a piercing alarm, even if it’s in silent mode.
  • Locks your smartphone
  • Remotely wipe all your personal data.
  • Detects unauthorized SIM change and alerts you.

    anti thief mobile Software

Sharing Data

Share your photos, music, contacts, bookmarks, messages and arbitrary files with your friends.

MobileSync Pro gives you a flexibility and security when sharing information. By selecting which files you want to share and with whom, it provides secure data sharing service over Web panel.

Till date, MobileSync Pro has stored nearly 100 million files securely. The application is free and comes with 200 MB of cloud storage included upon sign up.

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